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Nairobi City - Kenya

Nairobi City - Kenya

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi thrives with energy just like any other modern city in the world, complete with the fast paced city life. A city that never seems to sleep, Nairobi thrives with energy and excitement and a cosmopolitan place where you will find all kinds of people of different tribes and races.

Life in Nairobi is quite fast paced unlike other cities around Kenya, many people travel from other parts of Kenya to Nairobi in the hopes of seeking greener pastures hence making it a bit crowded. Living in Nairobi is quite affordable, as long as one knows how to get around the city. The city has a lot going on for itself, with a very lively cultural scene, amazing festivals, great restaurants and an exciting nightlife, it’s never a dull moment in this great city.

Many people from various towns seek to get job opportunities in Nairobi, hence making it a bit challenging, but depending on one’s qualifications getting a job in Nairobi is not impossible. Crime in the city is quite high, hence one needs to be careful while walking around Nairobi at night, and avoid places alleys around the central business district. Traffic can get frustrating in Nairobi, and it’s always best to leave early to avoid it. The only city with a National Park, surrounding it, Nairobi is quite a unique and lovely to experience what Kenya has to offer.


22 January 2015


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